DeanMail - April, 2014 - Gig Alert - Seven New UK & Ireland Dates Added

Hey Folks,

The crocuses are finally up - a sure sign that Spring has arrived - except for the fact that it's still darn chilly outside, so I'll come clean and admit that the picture of the lovely purple crocuses surrounding this email was actually taken last year, 'cause it's just too cold to go outside today and take pictures of this year's crocuses - even though they're a sure sign that Spring has finally arrived... sort of.

Meanwhile, I'm pleased to announce the addition of seven new gigs to the upcoming UK/Ireland/France tour. Here they are (THESE ARE JUST THE NEW ONES):

  • July

  • Haslemere - Haslemere Fringe Festival  - [Dean Friedman & The South Street Fusion Project] JUST ADDED!  ON SALE

  • 23 Aubeterre sur Dronne, FRANCE  - Pop sur Bonne  [Dean Friedman - solo]  JUST ADDED!   ON SALE SOON!

  • September

  • 24 Belfast, N. IRELAND - Crescent Arts           [Dean Friedman - solo]  JUST ADDED!   ON SALE SOON!

  • 25 Kilkenny, IRELAND - Watergate Theatre     [Dean Friedman - solo]  JUST ADDED!    ON SALE

  • October

  • Bath - Chapel Arts                                          [Dean Friedman - solo]  JUST ADDED!  ON SALE

  • 11 Bristol - Bristol Folk House                           [Dean Friedman - solo]  JUST ADDED!    ON SALE

  • 17 Crawley - The Hawth                                   [Dean Friedman - solo]  JUST ADDED!    ON SALE

Remember, these are just the latest additions to a 40plus city tour. To see the full itinerary, just go to the GIG section of

Also, to those folks asking about a Manchester gig... you'll be pleased to know that my Stockport gig is all of six miles south of Manchester. Cardiff? The St Donats gig in Vale of Glamorgan is a whole 11 miles east of Cardiff. Leeds? Umm... well, I'm still working on booking a gig in the Leeds area. I should know more in about a week.

Songwriting Seminar in France, anyone? It's always a cool weekend in a lovely spot and there are still a few slots left for the July 25 to 28. Check it out here: Dean's 'Songwriting Seminar' in France

Meanwhile, for those of you wondering, the "Well, Well," Said the Rocking Chair' SongBook is coming along nicely. A much slower and more difficult process than I'd hoped or imagined - especially after losing the first transcriber to a terrible transcription accident - he accidentally transposed a song into a key with way too many sharps and mixed up the bass cleff with the treble cleff - it was a terrible treble accidental accident!!!  But we're making great progress, now, so thanks for all your patience.

Anyway, that's all for this newsletter.

If you haven't already, do order some tickets, and thanks for helping spread the word (and the music!) about the gigs.

Enjoy your weekend!






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