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Vol. 1 Issue 1. April, 2004 






1. State of the Universe Report

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Dean's reflections on what's going on on the planet from the perspective of his own backyard
(which desparately needs mowing).






2. Your Two Cents - Letters to the Editor

Readers' chance to share their opinions
with everybody else on the Deanlist, on virtually any conceivable topic from Dean's music to the mating habits of the North Highland's hedgehog. Send your comments to editor@deanfriedman.com





3. Rarities & Absurdities

An mp3 download of a recorded track selected from among Dean's collection of unreleased musical rarities and re-discovered early recordings' Some stuff no one's ever heard. Some stuff Dean doesn't even remember he wrote. Some works in progress. And some stuff that's so embarrasing Dean won't even release it now! Well, everything but that stuff.





4. Deano's 'Picks'

Every month Dean will introduce you to one of his personal favorites from among the world of independent recording artists, talented singer/songwriters and accomplished musicians, you are not likely to hear on mainstream radio, but whose craftsmanship and sheer creativity have earned them an international audience.





5. Matt's Mindbenders

Check out this oh-so-cool, mind-bending crossword puzzle devised by my pal, the wise and inscrutable, Matthew Lees, puzzle-miester, problem poser and astute figure-it-outer. Matt's crossword uses the songs and lyrics of my first album, 'Dean Friedman', as its theme. Extremely puzzling and genuine fun!





6. Ask Amelia

Puzzled? Befuddled? Perplexed? Ask Amelia. Even though she's not much more than 12" tall, Amelia's still one of the smartest primates we know plus being the voracious reader that she is, she can pretty much answer any question you may have about any conceivable subject in the universe. Plumbing problems? Ask Amelia. Dating dilemas? That's Amelia specialty. Trouble filling out your tax forms? Amelia can help. This is one astute monkey. No question, no matter how complex, absurd or pointless, is beyond her scope.





7. Guest Column

Once a month, this guest column will provide a forum for the rants and raves or well-reasoned arguments or simple domestic anecdotes of one of our readers.
To contribute something to the Guest Column send it with the words: Guest Column Submission in the subject heading. Spelling and penmanship counts!





8. Bosom of Suburbia

Ongoing adventures of a certain hapless singer/songwriter that lives in the suburbs of New York with his family and a small menagerie. Real life!
PLEASE NOTE: This photo-comic-strip has a PG rating, which means
it's not really intended for kids and parental guidance is suggested. Actually,
It's meant for really immature adults, savvy teenagers and extremely precocious
13 year olds. The first issue is tame, but future issues may contain occasional swearing, drinking,
smoking, inter-digitation (that's handholding) and exploding cats. However, no animals were
harmed, or in any danger, during the making of this production - yet.




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