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From: Ric

Subject: 'Hals und beinbrücke!

Text: Bonjour Dean -

If your first letter to the 'ed' has to come from someplace, it may as well come from Paris. If it isn't the first letter to 'ed' then it can come some someplace else, like boring Canada. There's so little to do up there - from here, 'over up there - that it's
conceiv - oops - I can't do this word. As we would say in French, iz ze merdeword. Than you for the black hole report. May many more come from Russia. Good luck! Bonne chance! Hals und beinbrücke!

Regards, R
ic - Just south of the Montparnasse cemetery

EDITOR's REPLY:  Dear Ric, Thanks for your encouraging words, even though our limited grasp of romance languages leaves a few gaps in our comprehension. And congratulations for being the first Letter to the Editor, and from France at that! Good thing too, as we feel the same about those boring Canadians - oops! Or as we say in Peekskill,  Oooooops! A mere jest! We're actually quite fond of our cousins to the north, eh?!

Subject: 'Cousins to the North'

Text: Dear Editor,

What are supposed to conclude from the previous reply? Do you really think it's appropriate to condone disparaging remarks about the good and peaceful citizens of Canada. I'll bet if Dean had more than two Canadian fans you'd be a lot more circumspect, and show more restraint.

Signed - Annoyed and Disappointed

EDITOR's REPLY: Annoyed and Disappointed, Actually, Dean has three Canadian fans, which just shows how much you know. In fact, Dean recorded his second album in Canada, just outside of Montreal in a lovely recording studio named, Le Studio. Seeing the Canadian studio credit on the album cover, an English journalist mistakenly wrote that Dean was a Canadian citizen; as a result, to this very day he is still asked in interviews what it's like being a Canadian singer/songwriter. As far as being more circumspect and showing more restraint, Dean insists that he's quite happy with his circumcision and only shows it on appropriate occasions.  ED.




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