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Dan Pelletier

This month we hi-light another Hudson Valley artist, Dan Pelletier, masterfully plying his musical trade right here at the foot of the Catskills in New York. Despite his apparently low-key, cool and suave demeanor, Dan is a complete and total maniac, and a truly gifted singer/songwriter. Include him on the list of unsung song-heroes, who by rights should have received mainstream recognition years ago for his insightful, clever and moving songs about every facet of our daily lives. His songs are funny and serious and seamlessly crafted, plus he's got a powerful voice and is a true entertainer. Also, apparently, women think he's real cute. (I don't see it, but Alison assures me this is the case. I don't know if I should be concerned about this.)

Anyway, he's real good and definitely worth checking out. Visit his website and related audio pages to sample his music. And if you want to continue supporting independent music (instead of only listening to what a handful of multinationals have decided you should listen to) order one of his excellent CD's. You'll be glad you did.'s_page.htm

Check out some of Dan's tunes at the Audio links above. In fact, while your there, take a listen to some of the other artists on the indy 'Hudson Valley Records' label. It's all good stuff that deserves to be heard.

Enjoy the music, and tell 'em Dean sent you.





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