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'Well, Well,' Said the Rocking Chair' - Cryptic Crossword Puzzle


Hey Kids, Check out this truly amazing Cryptic Crossword Puzzle from the ever inscrutable mind of Matt Lees. It's based on songs from my second album and it'll keep you well entertained for many hours (or twenty minutes if you are a cryptic connoisseur). Fun stuff.

There are three versions of this puzzle...

1. Click here to play the interactive Java version of the puzzle.

2. Click here print out an HTML version of the puzzle.

3. Click here to play the Across Lite version of the puzzle.
(To view this version, you'll need the Across Lite Crossword Puzzle
Player, available for free from the NY Times Web site).

Excellent guides to solving cryptic crosswords can be found at...

The solution to this puzzle will be posted in the next issue.

 For solution to last month's puzzle: CLICK HERE




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