Help fund production of Dean Friedman's next studio album - his eighth!


THE PLAN:  Just as he did with  'Squirrels in the Attic', 'The Treehouse Journals' and 'Submarine Races', Dean is financing his next album via crowdfunding, in other words, taking advanced orders to finance production of the album. 


HOW IT WORKS:  Choose your preferred Perk (reward) and pay using the PayPal button beside each Perk (all major credit/debit cards accepted).

Thanks for playing a crucial role in making Dean's next recording possible! 

Dean's next Album
Perk 1: 'Just a Bunch of Zero's and Ones'                               £10

 aka Digital Dean Download Dean’s ‘Next Album’ (Digital Download) plus the warm tingly feeling you’ll have knowing that you decided for yourself what music you get to listen to, as opposed to leaving that important decision up to Simon Cowell. [£10 about $12.50]  Estimated Delivery: May 2017 


Perk 2: 'Don't Leave it Out in the Sun Too Long'                     £20
Perk 2: 'Don't Leave it Out in the Sun Too Long' - Dean CD Dean’s ‘Next Album’ (CD) plus the sweet satisfaction of knowing that, not only have you made a significant contribution in support of independent music, but that you helped Dean to afford that cool new chromatic harmonica he’s had his eye on for a while now. [£20 about $25]  Estimated Delivery: May 2017
Perk 3: 'They Also Make Great Frisbees'                                    £50
- Dean CD plus MousePad Dean’s ‘Next Album’ (CD) plus a MousePad containing the album’s cover-art. And even if you don't use a MousePad with your computer, anymore, these colorful cloth and foam MousePads can be used for all sorts of other useful purposes, including wobbly Frisbees, place-mats, bouncy shoe-inserts, yoga mats for cats, etc... The list goes on! [£50 about $62.50]  Estimated Delivery: May 2017
Perk 4: 'Definitely NOT Coasters!'                                              £75 

Dean CD plus four (4) mini-MousePads Dean’s ‘Next Album’ (CD) plus a full set of four (4) mini-MousePads containing the album’s cover-art (referred to some, erroneously, as coasters or beer-mats). [£75 about $93.75]  Estimated Delivery: May 2017

Perk 5: 'Never Leave Home Without It'                                      £100
Dean CD plus one of Dean's amazing Light Caps Dean’s ‘Next Album’ (CD) plus one of Dean’s amazing, never-leave-home-without-it, Light Caps, including one extra set of spare lithium batteries, which should keep your Light Cap lit for many years to come and keep you from getting mugged by rambunctious raccoons or belligerent badgers. [£100 about $125]  Estimated Delivery: May 2017


Perk 6: 'Kindly Leave a Message at the Beep'                           £150
Dean CD plus personalized telephone answering message Dean’s ‘Next Album’ (CD) plus a personalized telephone answering message, recorded and narrated (or sung) by Dean, with a message to be scripted by you (delivered as an mp3 audio file). Bewilder your friends and family! Confuse your co-workers! Befuddle bill collectors! [£150 about $187.50]  Estimated Delivery: May 2017
Perk 7: 'How to Get Your Dog a Credit Card'                            £250
Dean CD plus 10 minute Skype chat Q&A Dean’s ‘Next Album’ (CD) plus a 10 minute Skype chat with Dean during which he will try to answer any question you have about any conceivable topic in the world including, but not limited to, how to get your dog a credit card! No guarantees as to the veracity of any of his answers. [£250 about $312.50]  Estimated Delivery: May 2017 
Perk 8: 'Uh, Dean, How Exactly Do You Play That Song?'        £500
Dean CD plus 1/2 hour Skype Lesson Dean’s ‘Next Album’ (CD) plus a 30 minute lesson via Skype on Songwriting, Guitar, Piano, The Fundamentals of Music Synthesis, or How-to-Build-a-Treehouse. (or, alternatively, five x 5 minute lessons on all of the above.) [£500 about $625]  Estimated Delivery: May 2017
Perk 9: 'Who Could Quibble Over Rhyming Scribbles?'         £1,000
Dean CD plus handwritten/signed lyrics  Dean’s ‘Next Album’ (CD) plus handwritten and signed lyrics to any Dean Friedman song of your choice. [£1000 about $1250]  Estimated Delivery: May 2017


Perk 10: 'Live from Peekskill, NY... Deano!'                            £5,000
Dean CD plus a private concert by Deano Dean’s ‘Next Album’ (CD) plus Dean will perform a short solo set at a private event – birthday party, wedding, bar-mitzvah, bacchanalia, Tupperware party… – of your choice. [Travel and accommodations extra] [£5000 about $6250]  Estimated Delivery: May 2017
Thanks for helping make Dean's Next Album possible!