Boobles, Honkblatts and Jingle-Lingle-Lilies...



Honkblatt featured at Dynalecx theme park in Japan.





Jingle-Lingle-Lilies at Dynalecx theme park,  Japan. Each flower makes a jingle-lingly sound when you touch them.



Smiling kid stepping on the Tone Stones at Dynalecx theme park, Japan. Each stone lights up and makes a sound when you step on it. The speakers are hidden in the fiberglass boulder.



A predecessor to the Music Atrium Instruments, this was my first piano key sculpture, created around 1973, while I was going to college. I made it in a fit of frenzy in which I tore a spinet piano to pieces (it was already broken), leaving only the keys. They looked so good all askew that I glued them together. I took it to a high class art gallery on Madison Ave. and they hung it on the wall with a $200 price tag on it. The one pictured above was finally chewed to bits by my dog Barker, who also liked to chew shoes and ladies underwear. 


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