The Many Faces of Dean...


Awww, what a  punam! (Yidish = face) Who would have guessed that such an innocent looking kid would go on to pen the lyrics to such perverse songs as S&M and Me & My Pillow? Oy!



Me around 12 or so, wearing my favorite shirt. You should have seen it in color..   




Me in  my cat-burglar cap during a brief stint as a 2nd story man. 




Ed Van Eckert took this photo one fall day in the front yard, a few years back. Ed took most of the shots for the 'Songs for Grownups' CD.






Trying to remember the words to 'Company'. 




Here's a shot of me during my pool-hustling school days. Either that or I was playing some college gig and trying to pick up some extra cash. 'hmmm..., snookered again.'






I've got absolutely no recollection of where or when this photo was taken, except that I think I wore that brown corduroy jacket on my first album cover or my Bar Mitzvah..






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