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Dean's newest album, '12 Songs' now ON SALE! 
'12 Songs' [CD]

12-Songs'12 Songs' [CD]

Dean's first new album in 7 years! Twelve brand new, original songs, filled with the consumate lyrical and musical brilliance, poignancy, revealing insight, wry humor and sheer artistry that listeners have come to expect from this master songsmith/recording-artist.  It's another eclectic Dean Friedman album, an amalgam of styles including jazz, pop, rock, folk and country. Its themes include songs of love, frustration, success and failure; songs about missing home, the terrors and joys of raising kids, dissertations on the physics of time and space, randomness and causality; there's a song dedicated to Malala Yousafzai, the brave defender of girls' right to an education; a song about Dean's old Martin D-35 acoustic guitar; a misanthrope's duet; and there's a song about ducks - a true story of the 'Easter Rising' - a failed 1916 uprising in Ireland. This is a 'must have' for any dedicated fan of Dean Friedman's music!  

Cost £18
Dean Friedman 'Word & Music' - CD's [2-Disc Compilation CD / 30 tracks in all]

DF-WordsandMusicDean Friedman 'Word & Music' [2-Disc Compilation CD / 30 tracks in all]

Next time one of your friends or co-workers looks at you with a puzzled expression and asks, "Dean who?", just hand them this double-CD and let them discover for themselveds what Friedman fans have known about for years, the consummate work of a master songsmith. Hand-picked by Dean, this 2-disc compilation CD contains thirty of his finest original songs/recordings, chosen from his last six studio albums, including popular tracks like McDonald's Girl and Rocking Chair, and chock-filled with fan favorites like Saturday Fathers, Hey Larry, Under the Weather, I'm a Lucky Guy, Shopping Bag Ladies, It's a Wonderful Life, Death to the Neighbors, New Lang Syne, It's My Job and so much more.

NOTE: This collection does NOT contain Lucky Stars, Lydia or Ariel. Says Dean, "I couldn't be more proud of the hits, but in truth they've already gotten way more than their share of airplay - and I'm passionate about the idea that the songs on this compilation album deserve to be heard."

Includes 24-page booklet with lyrics.

Volume 1: Hob-Nobbiní, Where Have All The Angels Flown?, Death to the Neighbors, The Dolphins Were Dancing, McDonaldís Girl, Saturday Fathers, I Miss Monica, Itís My Job, Donít Mourn, Donít Cry, Picture Postcard Life, No School Today, Hale Bop Ė She Bop, Itís a Wonderful Life, Rocking Chair (Itís Gonna Be All Right), New Lang Syne; Volume 2: Shopping Bag Ladies, Iím a Lucky Guy, Youíre a Criminal Darling (You Stole My Heart), Jenniferís Baby, God of Abraham, Doint, Doint, Itís Just a Little Joint, How Does This Story End?, A Bakerís Tale, Under the Weather, Hey Larry, You and Me, Babe, Let the Boys Come Home, Sandy, The Wind Blows, George Washington Slept Here.

Cost £18

'Submarine Races' - CD

SubmarineRaces'Submarine Races'  

One of Dean's finest! 13 new songs, lyrical soundscapes and storysongs, bursting with life, love and survival in a surreal world. One of Dean's best albums, yet. Contains instant classics like 'I'm a Lucky Guy', 'Under the Weather', 'Essie May', 'You're a Criminal Darling', 'Calamity Waltz' and more. Plus a special rebuttal to Half Man Half Biscuits, bestselling EP track, 'The Bastard Son of Dean Friedman' - 'A Baker's Tale', the unvarnished (and hilarious) truth about Nigel Blackwell's dubious origins. Guaranteed to deliver decades of listening pleasure. Order two and give one to a friend! ;-)

Cost £16

'Squirrels in the Attic' - CD

SquirrelsintheAttic'Squirrels in the Attic'

Comedy Songs for Adults. Definitely not for kids! But, if you're a fan of Dean's comedy songs like S&M and the Deli Song and enjoy the whimsical humor of Ariel and McDonald's Girl, you'll love this new album. And If you're worried about global warming or the coming ice age, if you contemplate wreaking serious havoc upon your next-door neighbors, if you're anxious about the implications of human cloning, if your spouse knows what you're thinking before you do, if you're perpetually perplexed about the middle-east muddle,  if today's incessantly depressing headlines causes you to miss Monica Lewinsky, if you wonder 'what in the world' this wonderful world is coming to, if you occasionally indulge in an herbal remedy or if a constant barrage of email spam has finally caused you to question whether or not you, uh, measure up... well, then this album is definitely for you.    
parentaladvisoryWARNING:  This CD contains obscene language, gratuitous depictions of violence, rude references to perverse sexual acts, disparaging remarks about Republicans and an irresponsible endorsement of illegal substances. Parental discretion is advised.

Cost: £16

'Deano's Demos'  - CD
SongsforGrownups'Deano's Demos' Vol. 1. This outstanding collection of demos and out-takes consists of rare unreleased material including long-time fan favorites like, 'Little Green Lady', 'Hi-Rise Romance', 'The Kite Song', 'VD Blues', 'I Wanna Be President of the USA', 'Yo-Yo' and early demo versions of classic tracks like 'Woman of Mine' and 'Ariel'. PLUS, this CD contains the very first recording of Dean's very first song, 'Summertime', written and recorded when Dean was only nine years old! This track alone is worth the price of this CD.
PLEASE NOTE: This collection is NOT for the casual listener. However, it is a 'must-have' for the serious collector. These are rare demos and out-takes and NOT full-production, studio recordings. They are, however, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. The first 100 orders will be personally signed by Dean. ORDER Today and it will arrive at your doorstep in plenty of time for the Holidays!
Cost: £20

'The Treehouse Journals'  - CD
SongsforGrownups'The Treehouse Journals' The Treehouse Journals is a wonderful,  eclectic mix of folk, country, pop, jazz and rock which depicts, in subtle and intimate detail, the feelings and textures of life in small-town USA. Features the powerful track, George Washington Slept Here plus, Saddest Girl in the Whole Wide World, You and Me, Babe, Summer Days, Picture Postcard Life... Wonderful new songs by a uniquely gifted songwriter at the peak of his craft. Cost: £16

'Songs for Grownups'  - CD
SongsforGrownups'Songs for Grownups'  This amazing 28 track collection (2 CD's) contains some of Dean's most beautiful work. Classic songs like Saturday Fathers, Jennifer's Baby, Sandy, Hob-Nobbin', The Dolphins Were Dancing, Little Black Cloud, Dodo, Where Have All The Angels Flown?, confirm Dean as one of the pre-eminent songwriters of his generation.   Cost: £18

'Rumpled Romeo'  - CD
RumpledRomeo'Rumpled Romeo' Dean's 3rd album contains the classic hit 'McDonald's Girl', officially banned by the BBC, covered by the Barenaked Ladies and #1 in Norway. Rumpled Romeo is a romantic album filled with heartfelt teenage love songs. Contains some of Dean's loveliest compositions. In addition to McDonald's Girl, songs like Are You Ready Yet?, Hey Larry, First Date, Love is Real, I Will Never Leave, evoke the passion and angst of those tender years. A rare delight. Cost: £16

"Well, Well," Said the Rocking Chair'  40th Anniversary CD - DIGITALLY REMASTERED EDITION
WellWellSaidtheRockingChair35th"Well, Well," Said the Rocking Chair'  40th Anniversary - DIGITALLY REMASTERED EDITION Dean's critically and popularly acclaimed 2nd album, 'Well, Well", Said the Rocking Chair'. Contains the classic hits Lucky Stars, Lydia, Rocking Chair, plus S&M, Shopping Bag Ladies, The Deli Song, I've Had Enough, Don't You Ever Dare, Let Down Your Hair. 'An amazing talent' The Sun. 'Songsmith extraordinaire' Music Week.  Cost: £16

'Dean Friedman'  (Dean's first album)
DeanFriedman-1stAlbum'Dean Friedman'   Dean's classic self-titled, debut album, 'Dean Friedman'. Includes the hit singles,  Ariel & Woman of Mine, plus Company, Solitaire, Song For My Mother, The Letter, I May Be Young, Humor Me, Funny Papers and Love is not Enough. 'A rare gem of a record' Melody Maker. A remarkable, auspicious debut, for this New Jersey born singer-songwriter.  SORRY! THIS ALBUM IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.  
Dean's 'Kids Songs' - CD
KidsSongsDean's 'Kids Songs'  Dean's popular collection of thirty of his original silly Kids Songs now available on CD only. Contains kid favorites such as I'm Somebody Too, Brush Your Teeth, Rub-A-Dub-Dub plus all the Safety Songs including Never, Never Play With Matches, Please, Please, Please, Don't Tease The Bees, That Stove Is Hot and many more. Cost: £14

'A Million Matzoh Balls' - CD   
A Million Matzoh Balls'A Million Matzoh Balls' - CD By popular demand, Dean's wonderful collection of silly Hebrew School Songs now available on CD. Silly Hebrew School songs for silly Jewish kids covering Jewish holidays including Rosh, Rosh, Rosh Hashanah, Oh My Gosh It's A Humantosh, Love My Latkes and many more.   Cost: £14

'Submarine Races' T-Shirt  Original Artwork by Dean Friedman
DointDoint-TShirt'Submarine Races' T-Shirt [L, XL]   This tasty T-shirt boasts the original cover art from Dean's new 'Submarine Races' album, illustrated by Dean, himself. Color: Black. Indicate SIZE: L or XL in pull-down menu. Cost: £25

'Doint, Doint, It's Just a Little Joint' 
DointDointTshirt'Doint, Doint, It's Just a Little Joint' Heavyweight (Hemp) T-Shirt [XL]   Earl the Squirrel says, 'Doint, Doint, It's Just a Little Joint!' This unique T-Shirt, celebrates Dean's pro-herb ditty, 'Doint, Doint, It's Just a Little Joint', off his 'Squirrels in the Attic' CD! NOTE: This durable and comfy T-Shirt is actually made from a blend of 55% Hemp (that's right - the hardy 'weed' that yields rope, bird seed and assorted herbal remedies) and 45% Cotton. And no, you cannot smoke this t-shirt. Color: Charcoal. Support decriminalization and simple common sense.    Cost: £25

Grownup-Tshirt'Grownup' T-Shirt [L, XL]   Confirm your status as an official 'Grownup', whether you are or not! (note: be assured that owning the above  'Doint, Doint...' t-shirt does not preclude owning this cool  'grownup' t-shirt.) This classy T-Shirt from Dean's 1998 'Songs for Grownup' tour will make you the envy of your friends and get your kids to finally listen to you! Color: Black. Indicated SIZE: L or XL in pull-down menu. Cost: £25

New York School of Synthesis T-Shirt   Original Artwork by Dean Friedman
NYSS-Tshirt BLACKNew York School of Synthesis T-Shirt [S, M, L, XL] NEW! Black T-Shirt style.  In 1986 Dean authored the first 'consumer guide' for music synthesizers along with a book and a series of videos titled, 'Synthesizer Basics'. The books were used at colleges around the world and the instructional videos are still viewed by tens of thousands of synth lovers on YouTube. After receiving oodles of emails asking about the cool T-shirt Dean wears in the videos, Dean tracked down his original hand drawn artwork and has made these cool T-shirts available again. [Indicate SIZE: L or XL in pull-down menu.]   Cost: £28
New York School of Synthesis T-Shirt   Original Artwork by Dean Friedman
NYSS-TsNew York School of Synthesis T-Shirt [S, M, L, XL]   In 1986 Dean authored the first 'consumer guide' for music synthesizers along with a book and a series of videos titled, 'Synthesizer Basics'. The books were used at colleges around the world and the instructional videos are still viewed by tens of thousands of synth lovers on YouTube. After receiving oodles of emails asking about the cool T-shirt Dean wears in the videos, Dean tracked down his original hand drawn artwork and has made these cool T-shirts available again. [Indicate SIZE: L or XL in pull-down menu.]   Cost: £28
Smelly Feet  T-Shirt
Smelly Feet T-ShirtSmelly Feet  T-Shirt   [XS (2-4yrs); S (6-8yrs), M (10-12yrs)]   A perfectly silly gift for every silly kid. Bright yellow T-shirt featuring original hand-drawn artwork by Dean of very 'smelly feet', illustrating his children's musical, 'Smelly Feet' - a children's musical that really stinks! Guaranteed to make your kids easy to spot from a distance!. Color: Yellow. [Indicated SIZE: XS (2-4yrs); S (6-8yrs), M (10-12yrs) in pull-down menu.] Cost: £25

'Well, Well,' Said the Rocking Chair' - MOUSE PAD
Well, Well, - Mousepad'Well, Well,' Said the Rocking Chair' - MOUSE PAD  Talk about a really COOL GIFT, order one of these full-color MOUSE PADS (7.5"x7.5'") featuring the sculpted clay cover artwork from Dean's classic 'Well, Well,' Said the Rocking Chair' album (sculpted by famed artist, Robert Grossman).  Excellent, unique gift idea for yourself or any serious Deanfan. [dim: 7.5" x 7.5" x 1/8" cloth mat with rubber backing] Cost: £20

'Well, Well,' Said the Rocking Chair' - MINI-MOUSE PADS
Well, Well - MiniMousePad'Well, Well,' Said the Rocking Chair' - MINI-MOUSE PADS (set of 4)  Sure, you can use them as 'coasters', if you like, for protecting furniture from glasses and coffee cups, but I actually use mine as mini-mouse pads. They work great and are perfect for traveling or computing in bed. Order a set of 4 of these full-color MINI-MOUSE PADS (4"x4'") featuring the sculpted clay cover artwork from Dean's classic 'Well, Well,' Said the Rocking Chair' album (sculpted by famed artist, Robert Grossman). Excellent, unique gift idea for yourself or any serious Dean fan. [dim: 4" x 4" x 1/8" cloth mat with rubber backing] £20 for a set of 4 mini-mousepads (O.K., they're actually coasters, but make great mini-mousepads!). Cost: £20

Dean's 'LED Light-Caps'   
Dean LED LightCapsDean's 'LED Light-Caps' Don't be stuck in the dark! These hands-free LED Light-Caps will light your way in all kinds of low-light situations. Finding keys, taking out trash, reading a book. You'll use yours every day! Kids love 'em too. Order one today and you'll be glad you did. [Only available in Tan, at the present time.] Cost: £25

'The Songwriter's Handbook'  - A fun and informative 'how-to' for aspiring songwriters everywhere. Inspired by Songwriting Masterclasses and Seminars that Dean conducts around the world, this new book presents Dean's personal take on the seemingly mysterious craft of songwriting.
Songwriters Handbook'The Songwriter's Handbook'  Chart-topping, recording artist and singer-songwriter, Dean Friedman, presents a funny, informative, thoroughly practical and easy to follow course on how to write your own songs.  Using examples from well-known songs by top songwriters, as well as his own catalog of international chart-topping hits, Friedman explains the basic structure of songs and explores the art and practical craft of songwriting in clear, easy to understand language.   The Songwriters Handbook offers rare insight into the minute-to-minute songwriting process from the perspective of a chart-topping songwriter who has been hailed by critics, and fans alike, as a one of the finest songwriters of his generation.   Cost: £15.95

'A Musician's Guide to Surviving the Great Recession' - Practical Tips for Living a Truly Better Life in a Precarious Economy [paperback]  A brand new book espousing A. Musician's (rumoured to be the pseudonym of a certain singer-songwriter with the initials DF) Radical and Incendiary Philosophy on Life and Economics [warning: not for the faint of heart or strict adherents to convention]
Musician's Guide To Surviving the Great RecessionLive better on less and have more fun doing it! This book offers hardcore, real-world, practical advice on how anyone can survive in a precarious economy. Learn useful tips and creative strategies, from a hardworking musician who, like most professional musicians, knows, from hard-won experience, how to not only keep the annoying wolf from the door, but how to give him a painful wedgie, so heíll finally give up and leave you the %#&* alone.    

Two reasons you should take seriously what this book has to say:

 1. Musicians are experts at living on next-to-nothing. Musicians, notoriously unemployed and underpaid, have always had to get by on less, so weíre well versed in the tricks and strategies of bare-bones, economic survival.
But, of course, sheer survival is not nearly enough. 

2. Musicians know how to live fun, fulfilling and productive lives without following all the mind-numbing, conventional Ď9 to 5í rules of mainstream society!

Musicians donít like to admit it out loud, but the truth is... we sleep late, we have more (and better) sex and we have way more fun at our jobs than most folks. Lawyers practice, accountants calculate, plumbers   plumb, but musicians... well, when we go to work... we play! You can hold your breath and wait for the global economy to improveÖ or you can read this book!
Cost: £10.95

Dean Friedman's 'Well, Well, Said the Rocking Chair' - Songbook [Piano/Guitar/Vocal]
Well,Well-SongbookDean Friedman's 'Well, Well, Said the Rocking Chair' - Songbook [Piano/Guitar/Vocal] It's finally here! Thanks to the awesome 'crowdfunding' support of all of you - Dean's audience - there is finally an official songbook containing the words & music - with easy-to-play piano arrangements and guitar chords - to every song on Dean's classic 1978 album, "Well, Well," Said the Rocking Chair'. Play and sing along with the Rocking Chair, the Radio and the Cuckoo Clock to all the fan favorites including: Lucky Stars, Lydia, The Deli Song, Shopping Bag Ladies, Rocking Chair, S&M, and more. A perfect gift for any fan of Dean's music. Cost: £20

Dean's 6 Album Six-Pack at 25% OFF!
Dean6CDSetDean's 6 Album Set at 25% OFF! 6 of Dean's latest studio albums at one great price! This special CD offer consists of Dean's latest studio offerings: The new release, 'Submarine Races', plus,'Squirrels in the Attic', 'The Treehouse Journals', 'Songs for Grownups', 'Rumpled Romeo' and the classic, "Well, Well," Said the Rocking Chair'. 6 terrific albums worth (91 original tracks) of great Dean music at a money-saving  discounted price of 25% off!   Cost: £72

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