Chanukah Show for Kids

Volume 3, Issue 12 - December 10, 1999 

Hey Everybody,

NY GIG ALERT! (reminder) 

Well, the Chanukah Show for Kids, this past Sunday, went great. I got to
dress up as Rabbi Schlammazel, the world's wisest talmudic scholar, and jump
around while juggling potato latkes. Lylah our dog, did a very convincing performance
in the role of a cow. She hit all her marks and ate a whipped cream pie on cue. Larry
the Latke and Murray the Matzoh Ball (Below - constructed and played by master
puppeteer, Jim Shanley) were hysterical as usual. I'll definitely have to think about
taking this show on the road. Do the UK quarantine laws cover giant Potato Latkes
and Matzoh Balls? Or have they been rescinded yet? 

Meanwhile, if anybody's still thinking about attending one of the
upcoming NY area gigs, there are still tickets available to all but the
House Concert in NJ. 

12/11/99 West End Gate Café - Saturday 9:00pm 2911 Broadway New York,
NY (between 113 and 114th St. on the west side of Broadway - a few blocks
south of Columbia University.) 
12/17/99 One Station Plaza - Friday 9:00pm - 38 N.Division St. Peekskill, NY 
12/18/99 SOLD OUT!!! - Living Room Concert- SOLD OUT!!! 
12/19/99 The Turning Point - Sunday 7:00pm - 468 Piermont Ave. Piermont,
NY (Just south of the Tappanzee Bridge) 


You'll find directions to each venue, there, as well. 

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There's not much else to report, except that we've been enjoying Chanukah and
eating lots of potato latkes.Of course, there are still plenty of CD's laying around my
office, plus a bunch of Kids Songs and A Million Matzoh Ball cassettes. To order just
go to the ORDER section of the website 

Finally, for all those who celebrate Chanukah, and anyone else that would like to see
a cool FLASH animation, click on the larger link below to see my almost belated
Chanukah card - there's one more night! (You'll need Macromedia's FLASH player to
see it, which you can download for free at ). 


or copy this link into your URL: 

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Enjoy your holidays. 


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