Summer Days

Volume 6, Issue 6 - September 3, 2002


Hey Gang,

     It's almost time to rip the air-conditioners out of the window and there are still about a zillion things I meant to do during the summer before real-life kicks into gear again and we all head back to work and
school. For example...

I meant to finally put the roof on the treehouse.
I meant to update the website.
I meant to completely redesign my database.
I meant to start re-recording the Kids songs.
I meant to put a fence up in the backyard with a tiny barn and get Alison a pair of goats. (She thinks I'm kidding!;-))
I meant to make more headway on a Songbook. (I've made a little)
I meant to spend more time making music with my kids (It's hard to drag them away from video games and AOL. Sound familiar?)
I meant to have a hit CD in the UK (What can I say? I'm just stubborn, I guess.)
I meant to lose, oh, about 5, 10, 15, 20 pounds.
I meant to practice my harmonica more. (I can only do it when the house is empty or I get yelled at)
I meant to organize my CD collection. (That is, after I dusted it off.)
I meant to answer all my email.
I meant to throw the family in the Caravan and drive up to visit Niagra Falls ( slowly he turns, step by step, inch by inch... [obscure Abbot and Costello reference]}
I meant to solve the unifying theory of time and space. (but I keep misplacing my notes, they were right there a second ago... hey, wait a minute!?)
I meant to find Osama (but I they keep misplacing him, he was right there a minute ago... hey, wait a second!?)
I meant to get out the weedwacker and weedwack the backyard (it's really overgrown. Anybody could be hiding back there!)
I meant to write this newsletter weeks ago, but I just never got around
to it.
I meant to...
I meant to...
I meant to get it right.

Well, there's always next summer.

As for the tour. Ah, yes, the tour. The tour went very well - the driving was tedious, but the gigs themselves felt great. And being able to finish up the CD was particularly satisfying. It's also nice to hear that so many people seem to really like it. Not to bore you with this, but thanks again to all of you that supported my musical efforts by ordering the new CD (before it even existed) and by coming out to the gigs.

I meant to finish this up weeks ago, but time kept slipping by, so I guess I'll send what there is.

Note: I should have the final results of the Treehouse Contest in another week or so. (don't forget your toothbrush!)

Everybody be well and speak to you soon.


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