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Volume 4, Issue 6 - August 8, 2000 

Hello Everybody Out There, 

Dean here. First things first: The SNEAKER CAR is saved, thanks to your generous efforts. A sincere thank you to everybody that responded to my frantic alert! I'm happy to report that the SNEAKER CAR is now happily ensconced in a cozy little shed which I built myself in the backyard out of pressure treated lumber and 2" screws paid for with the proceeds from your SNEAKER CAR CD orders. A recent news item reported that Jerry Seinfeld just paid 1 million dollars for a building in Manhattan just to house his collection of rare automobiles. Well, Jerry may have a fancy building full of expensive cars, but none of 'em can hold a candle to the incredible SNEAKER CAR! (And, why he let go of Shoshona I'll never know.)
Blueberry Pickin'
It's been a good summer, so far. Not too hot. We all went blueberry picking this weekend and spent an hour plucking fat, juicy, ripe blueberries off of cluster laden blueberry bushes, on a farm in upstate NY. The field was an explosion of sweet, delicious blueberries. Everyone's bucket was filled except Sam's; most of what he picked wound up in his stomach. They charged by the pound for what you picked so I guess we should have weighed Sam before and after. We still have a few quarts of blueberries left over, so if anyone has a favorite blueberry pie, scone, muffin, or tart recipe, please send it in.
As usual, I have some rather peculiar career news to report:

I got a call a couple of weeks ago (these things usually start with a bizarre phone call) from a TV company. They're producing the comedian David Baddiel's brand new TV sitcom called 'The Baddiel Syndrome' due to air this fall on SKY TV.

The producer explained that David has written an episode in which he and his friends go out to - yes, you guessed it - a Dean Friedman concert, meet me afterwards and wind up partying with me. So, they've written this sitcom episode around me and would like to fly me over to do a gueststar cameo as myself.

Now understand, I live a relatively normal existence here in Peekskill (notwithstanding the SNEAKER CAR) and you might think I'd react incredulously to such an unusal phone call, but I've already jumped out of a cardboard box at 8 in morning on live TV, so very little fazes me these days. In fact, these ridiculous scenarios are beginning to seem routine!

So, strange as it seems, I'll be hopping on a plane in a few weeks to fly to London to rehearse and shoot the episode in which I will try my best to pull off a convincing performance as myself.

I'm a little nervous, only because I've never played myself before.  I did once perform the role of Aunt Abby in a high school performance of 'Arsenic and Old Lace' (it was an all boy school). I got rave reviews but I feel like acting the part of Dean Friedman will be much more of a stretch. (I'm still having trouble getting my accent just right.)

The episode is scheduled to air sometime in the beginning of next year. I'll  let you know the date as soon it's fixed.

Oh, and while I'm in London, I figured I might as well do a couple of gigs.

So, here goes...

Dean Friedman - In Concert - UK gigs

Saturday, Sept. 9th [9pm]  -  Cambridge - The Boat Race  - 01223-508533     10
Sunday, Sept. 17th [8pm]  -  London - The Spitz, Spitalfield Market - 0207-351-2938 15


To order via regular (snail) mail, send a cheque or m.o. payable to 'Dean Friedman' along with SASE to:

Dean Friedman Tickets c/o
Stuart Lyon
498a Kings Rd
London  SW10 OLE

Mail Orders received 10 days before the concert date will receive Tickets by return mail. Late Mail Order Tickets will be held at the venue box office for pickup 1 hour before gig.

These are the only scheduled UK gigs this year.

Dog Court
Meanwhile, I've been running every day up and down our block with our dogs, Lylah and Lacey (Lylah doesn't run that fast, so this is not as impressive as it might sound). Anyway, the local dog warden came by and now I'm scheduled to appear in Dog Court to answer a summons for not having them on a leash. I'm just hoping I don't get thrown in the hooskow (clink) for lecturing the Judge on how the law discriminates against four legged creatures. Speaking of which, I have received lots of useful info from many of you regarding the new Pet Quarantine laws, so who knows, maybe one day I'll be able to do an all-dog UK tour.
And so...
That's all for now. I hope you're all enjoying the summer, except, of course those of you on the other side of the globe enjoying the winter. Be well, everybody. See you at the gigs!



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