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Volume 5, Issue 5 - August 6, 2001 

Dean CD Survey Update Plus London Gig Alert (reminder) - The Spitz Aug. 25

Hi Folks,

I wanted to remind everybody about the upcoming gig I'll be doing at The Spitz in London on Saturday, August 25th 8pm (details below)  and also I thought you might be curious about the results of last week's Dean's 'Next CD' album budget 'survey'.

Well, here's what happened: Within 5 hours, I received pledges of support totaling $2,000. And as of this afternoon - one week later - that figure has risen to $13,500.

Money aside, though, I've gotta say this:  It felt really good reading all  the very supportive replies and feedback regarding this unusual independent campaign along with the creative suggestions people had for making it all happen. It convinced me that, in spite of a few reservations I initially had about the idea, that I'd done exactly the right thing by going directly to my audience. It's actually been fun involving you in the process and in purely academic marketing terms, it's been a very valuable lesson in learning what you're all comfortable with and able to afford towards this unusual effort and under these novel circumstances. So, to those of you that took the time to reply - a sincere, 'Thank You' from this appreciative singer/songwriter. You are totally 'cool!'

Now, $13,500 is still a wee bit shy of my $50,000 album budget goal, but I'm greatly encouraged. I'm confident that if I can increase that pledge figure to $25,000 by the end of the summer,  that I'll be able to raise the balance over the course of the project. So, here's where we're at:

If I am unable to get pledges totaling $25,000 by September 1st, I've decided the only responsible thing to do will be to not accept the money and postpone this project for a few years until the mailing list has grown sufficiently to pull it off. Everyone that's offered support, so far, will receive a thank you email (and the link to a website where you actually order your own 'bubblegum seeds') and I'll go off and design websites or maybe even design custom treehouses for a living! I don't expect this to happen.

If, on the other hand, I'm successful in getting pledges totaling $25,000 by September 1st, I plan on proceeding full-steam-ahead with the 'Next CD' project. At that point, I'll send out an email with ORDER information linking to the website and I'll start getting the studio ready to record a new album.

So, thanks again to those of you that have already responded; and to everybody else: I'm reproducing a copy of the 'survey' below. So, if you have a few spare minutes between walking the dog and setting the table for dinner, It'd be great if you could take a few minutes to respond.

Question 1: Would you be willing to pay in advance for a signed, numbered 'limited edition' copy of Dean's next CD?

a. Yes, sounds like a cool idea and creative use of the internet and a discerning audience.
b. No, tell Dean to stop bothering us with his goofy emails, forget all this songwriting/record nonsense and go get a 'real' job like everybody else!

Question 2: What's the most you'd be happy and willing to pay for Dean's 'next' CD:
a. $25 [18]
b. $50 [35]
c. $75 [52]
d. $100 [70]
e. Other amount?: $_____ or ______

Question 3: Do you think it's plum crazy to let each of you decide for yourselves what you're willing to pay for the next CD?

a. Yes
b. No

Question 4: Do you think Dean would be much better off trying to sell homegrown 'bubblegum' seeds over the internet?

a. Yes
b. No
c. What the hell are 'bubblegum' seeds?

Well, that's all for now, except for the following GIG ALERT reminder for my upcoming London gig at The Spitz on Saturday, August 25th.

So, everybody out there be well and have a great rest of the summer. I'll give a shout-out at the beginning of September to let you know how everything's turned out.

All the best!


Dean Friedman in Concert
The Spitz - London
Saturday, August 25th 8pm

You can order tickets thru my website over the next 48 hours. After that you can order by phone via TicketWeb at 0207-771-2000 or

LOCATION: The Spitz, Old Spitalfields Market,109 Commercial Street, E1Transport:
Rail: Liverpool Street / Tube: Liverpool St or Aldgate East / Buses: All that stop at Liverpool St
Parking: Plenty of on street parking.


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