Save Dean's Sneaker Car Sale

Volume 4, Issue 4 - June 6, 2000 

 Attention All Deaniacs,


Dean's Incredible 'Sneaker Car'

Yes, friends, I'm chagrined to report that the incredible 'Sneaker Car',
(pictured above) two-time winner of the Artist's Soap Box Derby is
about to be evicted from its current abode. The incredible 'Sneaker
Car' is currently parked in the lobby of an unused office complex in
Peekskill, NY which has just been sold and is due to be taken over on
July 1st by new owners. The 'Sneaker Car' has received its walking
papers (rolling papers, anyone?) and must be off the premises by the end of this month.

The problems is, where the hell do you keep a 6 foot Sneaker on wheels? (When you're not tooling about Peekskill in it on sunny afternoons.) It won't fit in any shoe rack. There's no room left in our tiny garage. It's too big to put in the basement. I'm afraid if I can't find appropriate housing for this rare example of vehicular footwear, my cherished 'Sneaker Car' risks ruin from exposure to the elements. A sad fate for a good natured sole. And how is it I can continue to make awful puns in the face of this crisis? What am I, some kind of heel? Because, having stood toe to toe with disaster, I have finally arrived at what I believe is the only viable solution.

I must build a giant Shoebox for my 'Sneaker Car'!!!

(Actually, I'm thinking of one of those 10'x 10' storage units that will fit in the backyard.)

Now, at this point some of you may be thinking that I'm just pulling your
legs. Others may be waiting for the other shoe to drop. But those of you
that know me well, know that I'm being perfectly serious here. I need to
find a safe, dry place to house my 'Sneaker Car' and I'm going to need
the help of every one of you to do it.

So here's the plan:


For the next 10 days every single item on my CD order page will be going for 25% off of the listed price. That's right, you heard me: 25% off Rumpled Romeo, 25% off Songs for Grownups, 25% off the first two albums on 1 CD, 25% off  all cassettes, posters and T-Shirts. Just remember to type the word SNEAKER CAR in the 
Shipping Address:COUNTRY text field and you'll receive your discount.

What a deal, huh? This is the perfect chance to complete your Dean Friedman CD collection, (surprisingly, a lot of you have still never heard the great songs on Rumpled Romeo or the new album, Songs for Grownups.) or buy a thoughtful gift for a good friend, while at the same time helping me out of this conundrum.

And that's the plan. With 2000 people on my email list if even only 10% of you take just a few minutes out of your day and a few quid out of your virtual pockets to order something, that should be enough for me to build a sturdy, water-proof shelter for my beloved 'Sneaker Car'. (I wouldn't mind a new pair of New Balance running shoes either.)

Anyway, this is your chance to support the sneaker-building arts and, not incidentally, to show your genuine concern for independent music and musicians. Because, the truth is, if I were a rich and famous musician on a major label, I'd live in a huge mansion with a 12 car garage big enough to fit a whole family of Sneaker Cars! And I wouldn't be in such a fix. Of course, that would also mean you'd probably never receive completely ridiculous (but sincere) emails like this one ever again.

Thanks everybody, for your support! And as always, enjoy the music.

To SAVE Dean's SNEAKER CAR just make your way to the ORDER page on the Dean Friedman website.

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