NextCD Update

Volume 6, Issue 1 - February 25, 2002


Hey Folks,

I hope everybodyís well.

Well, Iím finally in full production on the new album. The working title is ĎThe Treehouse Journalsí. As hoped, the funds to produce this project were provided by the people on this very email list. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Lifeís been getting pretty hectic here in Peekskill, as I become immersed in recording the NextCD, while simultaneously setting up the May/June/July UK/Ireland tour (Iíll be announcing the tour-dates in just a week or so, so stay tuned).

Itís shaping up to be a pretty extensive tour Ė 40 cities, so far Ė so, I plan on catching up on a lot of reading while tooling about the countryside. I look forward to performing too.

Thereís lots going on. It definitely gets a little hectic doing a zillion things at once, but I have been getting some much appreciated help from a whole bunch of hardworking musicians. Iím still in the middle of basic tracks , but itís coming along well. Itís a combination of terror and exhilaration to gradually discover how a song you wrote will turn into a record. Believe me, a lot can happen along the way! Anyway, itís happening, which is cool, and I gotta say, I like being in the studio again.

I want to say thanks to my able and amiable studio/office crew, Howard and Brendan, two local musicians whoíve been helping me build the studio and manage the office these last few months, oh and of course, Lylah. How could I forget Lylah! A big thank you and a dog biscuit to Lylah, who singlehandedly -or is that singlepawedly - handles the order dept. (Lylah is a dog, by the way), including processing, packaging, labeling, shipping and not to mention an impressive job at collections; chasing down errant credit cards (and mailmen) whose owners keep as good track of their finances as I do.)

Anyway, Iíve got plenty to say, but not enough time to say it all right now, as Iíve got an album to produce. So, everybody take care of yourselves. Good luck figuring out how the hell weíre supposed to do all the things weíre supposed to do in a day. And if you havenít ordered your copy of the ĎLimited Editioní NextCD , yet, heyÖ what are you waiting for?!

Be good! Talk to you soon.




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