April 5, 2010 -  Dean Friedman announces 40 city UK/Ireland tour: July thru October, 2010


American recording artist, Dean Friedman, embarks on a 40 city UK/Ireland tour, featuring a two week run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, to coincide with his latest independent album release.

Chart topping, recording artist and pop-icon, Dean Friedman, best known to UK/Ireland audiences for his classic hits, ‘Lucky Stars’, ‘Lydia’, ‘McDonald’s Girl’, ‘Ariel’ and ‘Woman of Mine’, is embarking on a 40 city UK/Ireland concert tour running from July 14 through October 16, 2010. The tour coincides with the release of Friedman’s seventh studio album.

The tour will include a two week run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Aug. 11 thru 22 (not 16, 17). This will be Friedman’s sixth year appearing at the Fringe, where his shows are consistent Fringe sell-outs.

Friedman’s recent tours continue to garner rave reviews: “Every song in this show is a classic.” (London Theatre Guide), “With his mix of jaunty ditties, sentimental ballads and bashful charm, Friedman is the folk/pop troubadour of choice.” (Scotsman), “Songsmith Extraordinaire” – (Music Week), “Stunning Musicianship” (HotPress) , are just a few of the superlatives used to describe his unique and original talent.

Though Friedman's single, ‘McDonald's Girl’, was officially banned by the BBC for mentioning the name of the well known fast food restaurant in its chorus, the irrepressible pop song has been covered by a number of contemporary bands including top-selling, Canadian group, Barenaked Ladies (WEA), and The Blenders (Universal), whose version soared to #1 on the national airplay charts in Norway.

Since then, Friedman has continued to release critically acclaimed albums, as an indie artist. The albums, including his latest, are financed through a unique, collaborative, online effort, by his dedicated fans, via his website, While the traditional music industry has taken a nose-dive, Friedman’s indie efforts, like those of many of his like-minded compatriots, have continued to grow and blossom. Says Friedman, ‘I make more money selling 1,000 CD’s, independently, than I did selling a million records, via the conventional mainstream music business.’

Friedman also composes and produces music soundtracks for TV and film, including the music to the hit Central TV series BOON and the soundtrack to the underground cult horror film classic ‘I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle’ (Hobo Films/U.K.) in which he performs the unforgettable track, ‘She Runs on Blood, Not Gasoline’. Friedman also serves as presenter/producer of the acclaimed radio series, ‘Real American Folk’, featured the past two summers on BBC Radio Scotland, and has also been featured as a guest star in a cameo appearance on David Baddiel’s TV sitcom, ‘The Baddiel Syndrome’ (SKY).

The Merseyside band, Half Man Half Biscuit released a best-selling EP containing a track entitled, ‘The Bastard Son of Dean Friedman’, which went to #1 on the UK Indie chart; a claim which Friedman vehemently denies, ‘I’ve never even met Nigel Blackwell’s mum!’. It is rumored that Friedman is planning his revenge on his upcoming CD.

One of Friedman's recent tours was almost cancelled when it was announced that his tour sponsor would distribute packets of cannabis seeds to the first ten people that purchased CD's at each of Friedman's gigs. The controversy was only resolved after Friedman promised not to distribute the seeds within 50 yards of the venue premises. (click to see Songwriter's Cannabis Controversy).

Dean's 2010 UK/Ireland Tour is sponsored by , a music website featuring some of the tastiest music around (including Dean's, of course). is conducting a Deano MegaQuiz contest online, the winner of which will receive two concert tickets to Dean's Dublin gig and £500.

Friedman will be performing solo, on guitar and keyboards, featuring songs from throughout his 30 year recording career, including familiar radio hits, ‘Lucky Stars’, ‘Lydia’, ‘McDonald’s Girl’, ‘Ariel’ and ‘Woman of Mine’, as well as selections from his more recent CD’s, including the critically acclaimed, ‘Squirrels in the Attic’ – comedy songs for adults, plus new material from his, yet untitled, upcoming CD, currently in production and scheduled for release, August 2010.

Tickets to all Dean Friedman concert dates go on sale April 5th, 2010. Tickets, plus Friedman’s CD’s, can be ordered via Friedman’s website at:  Go to: FOR TOUR DATES and TICKET SALES.

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