Dean Friedman's - 2011 Tour

ON SALE! ;-)


Hi Everybody,

How's it going?

Anyone want to come to a gig? ;-)

I'm pleased to announce that my 2011 Tour Dates are now on sale! 

Where are all these gigs, you may ask? Well, I'll tell you... 

...all over the damn place!


First, I've got a hand full of US gigs coming up in April & May (see below). I hope some of you tri-state folk can make 'em.


Next, in July,  I make my way to the beautiful Island of Skyros in Greece where, from July 11 thru 17, I'll be 'musician-in-residence' at the Skyros Holistic Holiday spot. Mostly, I'll be hanging out; you know... working on my tan, practicing my backstroke... But I'll also be playing some tunes, doing a sing-along or two and enjoying some of the program's eclectic offerings - windsurfing, sailing, Tai' Chi, mosaics, yoga... (learn more at the Skyros website link below.)


Of course, following all those exhausting activities, I'll need a place to relax and recharge my batteries. So, from July 29 thru August 1, when I'm not lounging poolside nursing an exotic cocktail, I'll be conducting an extended 'Songwriting Seminar' at the French House Party, just outside Carcassonne, France. It's held in a beautiful converted 8-room, 200 year old stone barn, with in-ground pool, surrounded by thousands of acres of sunflowers in full bloom. It's truly an idyllic setting, with great accommodations, wonderful food and wine, gracious hospitality and the nicest bunch of folks. I'll also be doing a concert Saturday evening. Musicians and non-musicians are welcome. It's serious fun, so check out the French House Party website link below and be sure to watch some of the video from last year's seminar. Spots are limited, so if you'd like to join us, be sure to book soon.

In truth, the life of a touring musician isn't as glamorous as you might image, especially with all that relentless traveling. For example, following my 'Songwriting Seminar' I'll be forced to take a leisurely drive north, through the scenic French countryside, in order to perform a concert, August 3rd, at 'Pop sur Bonnes' to be held in the colorful garden at Les Colonnes, Bonnes, Charente, France. It's another lovely spot and there'll be an evening picnic buffet included. (See the 'Pop sur Bonnes' website link below, for more info.)

Scotland - Glasgow, Kinross and the Fringe Festival

Typical weather for New York in August is 'miserably hot and muggy' and what with global warming it's destined to become miserabler, hotter and muggier, which is why I'll be pleased to be spending the rest of August in Scotland, instead! I've got a gig at the Ferry in Glasgow (always a fun gig) on August 6, another at the Green Hotel, Kinross on the 7th and then I plant myself in Edinburgh for a two-week run at the Fringe Festival (my seventh Fringe).

IMPORTANT FRINGE NOTE: This year I'll be performing my two week Fringe run at two different Fringe venues:

  • August 10 - 14  The Music Box (Stevenson College) 9:00pm  then...

  • August 17 - 21  Malmaison Hotel / Mal4 Suite (Leith Docks)  9:00pm

Those who have been to my previous Fringe shows, I look forward to seeing you again. And if you've never been to the Fringe, all I can say is it's an amazing convergence of thousands of performers of every ilk - actors, musicians, comedians, dancers, artists... - all descending upon the beautiful old/new city of Edinburgh, doing exciting, original shows in unusual venues and sharing their creative wares with enthusiastic audiences from around the world. Not to mention the parade, amazing street-performers, bagpipes and fireworks! It's exhilarating, inspiring and fun! So, go! You'll be glad you did. (and don't forget to book tickets to my shows, early! ;-)


Once I've recuperated from all this extremely taxing activity, I'm scheduled to perform 4 gigs in Ireland - September 28, 29, 30 - Waterford, Cork, Dublin - winding up Oct. 1st in Lisbourn (nr Belfast), then hop a ferry for an Oct. 2nd gig on the Isle of Man. Good thing I don't get seasick!


Then... well, then I play some more gigs!: Leicester, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, the Bloomsbury Theatre in London, and a dozen more dates in between.

It's what I do when I'm not animating Koala bears or building Boobles, Honkblatts and Boing-D-Boings.

So, if you happen to have no plans... I hope you'll join me at some of the upcoming gigs. (many of these gigs were sold out last year, so best to book early!)

Oh, and by the way...


As in past tours, I rely on the generous support of my various sponsors, who've included folks like, Brewin Dolphin, Pear Treehouse, ;-) and A & H International (they sell whistles!

Sponsors help cover crucial tour expenses such as printing posters, flyers, ads, airfare, car-rental, hotels, ferries, helicopters, grey-market pharmaceuticals, foot-massage, golf-club memberships, surveillance equipment, bribes, lemurs, internet access and 16 oz. jars of marshmallow fluff. Without the support of sponsors, I'd probably just stay home and watch TV.

In return for their support, sponsors get all kinds of benefits and perks - limousine rides, invitations to celebrity-packed, drug-fueled, after-hour parties, riotous goings on and inside stock tips are definitely not among them. But sponsors do get included on posters and flyers, my website and emails plus they get tickets to gigs! So, if you think you might be interested in being a tour sponsor click here for more info: TourSponsor

Oh, and this year, in addition to national tour sponsors, I'm inviting local gig sponsors to get involved. If you have a local business which you'd like to advertise in your community, consider sponsoring one of my gigs in your area and I'll pitch your service or product from the stage, during my show, to a rapt audience! ;-) . Depending on the nature of the product or service, I might even personally conduct a product demonstration (as was the case with good folks at, until the authorities stepped in).

So, if you support independent music, and would like to be a sponsor of my 2011 Tour drop me a line to learn more about it. Click to request more info: TourSponsor.

Word of Mouth 

As for the rest of you, the most helpful thing you can do, if you'd like to support these indie touring efforts, is also the easiest - and costs absolutely nothing... tell your friends.

C'mon, don't be shy. Invite 'em to a gig.

In fact, if you're feeling adventurous, you can use one of the links below to send an email, tweet, or post, along with a personal comment to all your pals such as, 'Hey lazybones...' or 'You might not believe this, but...' or 'Guess where I'm going, Sat. 22nd Oct?...' or 'Who's that redhead I saw you with, and by the way...' or 'Whew! The test results were negative! So, to celebrate I'm going to hear Dean Friedman perform at...'

You get the idea - spread the word... and the music! ;-)

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Friends in Media

Oh, and for those of you on this email list who just happen to be in the media - journalists, bloggers, presenters, producers or hosts of TV or radio shows... or if you're related to, dating or just having casual sex with any of the above... ;-) drop me a line! MediaQuery

I Think That Just About Covers It

I think that just about covers it.

Take it easy, enjoy the spring (autumn down-under), eat your vegetables, thanks for listening and hope to see you at one of the upcoming gigs.


PS: Did I mention that it really helps if you purchase tickets early?  Well, just in case I didn't...



US GIGS 2011

10  ON SALE! Larchmont, NY Watercolor Cafe - 7:30pm ORDER TICKETS
23  ON SALE! Bordentown, NJ The Record Collector - 8:00pm ORDER TICKETS
22  ON SALE! Piermont, NY The Turning Point - 4:00pm (early show) ORDER TICKETS
12  ON SALE! Webster, NY (nr. Rochester) Harmony House - 8:00pm ORDER TICKETS



11 - 17 ON SALE! Skyros, GREECE Holistic Holiday (AT9) 'Musician-in-Residence' BOOKING INFO
29 - 31 ON SALE! Carcassonne, FRANCE French House Party 'Songwriting Seminar' BOOKING INFO
3    ON SALE! Bonnes, FRANCE 'Pop sur Bonnes' ORDER TICKETS
6    ON SALE! Glasgow Renfrew Ferry ORDER TICKETS
10  ON SALE! Edinburgh The Music Box (Stevenson College) ORDER TICKETS
11  ON SALE! Edinburgh The Music Box (Stevenson College) ORDER TICKETS
12  ON SALE! Edinburgh The Music Box (Stevenson College) ORDER TICKETS
13  ON SALE! Edinburgh The Music Box (Stevenson College) ORDER TICKETS
14  ON SALE! Edinburgh The Music Box (Stevenson College) ORDER TICKETS
17  ON SALE! Edinburgh Malmaison Hotel / Mal4 Suite (Leith Docks) ORDER TICKETS
18  ON SALE! Edinburgh Malmaison Hotel / Mal4 Suite (Leith Docks) ORDER TICKETS
19  ON SALE! Edinburgh Malmaison Hotel / Mal4 Suite (Leith Docks) ORDER TICKETS
20  ON SALE! Edinburgh Malmaison Hotel / Mal4 Suite (Leith Docks) ORDER TICKETS
21  ON SALE! Edinburgh Malmaison Hotel / Mal4 Suite (Leith Docks) ORDER TICKETS
28   ON SALE! Waterford Forum ORDER TICKETS
29    ON SALE! Cork Rochestown Park Hotel ORDER TICKETS
1    ON SALE! Lisbourn (nr. Belfast) Island Arts Centre ORDER TICKETS
2    ON SALE! Douglas,  I.O.M. Villa Marina Arcade ORDER TICKETS
4    ON SALE! Henley-on-Thames Crooked Billet ORDER TICKETS
5    ON SALE! Henley-on-Thames Crooked Billet ORDER TICKETS
6    ON SALE! Leicester Musician ORDER TICKETS
7    ON SALE! Blackpool The Wainwright ORDER TICKETS
8    ON SALE! Darlington Darlington Arts Centre ORDER TICKETS
9    ON SALE! Leeds City Varieties ORDER TICKETS
11  ON SALE! Nottingham Guitar Bar ORDER TICKETS
12  ON SALE! Bromsgrove Artrix ORDER TICKETS
13   ON SALE! Bury (nr. Manchester) The Met ORDER TICKETS
14  ON SALE! Liverpool The Cavern ORDER TICKETS
15  ON SALE! Liverpool The Cavern ORDER TICKETS
16  ON SALE! Birmingham Kitchen Garden Cafe ORDER TICKETS
18  ON SALE! Bath Chapel Arts ORDER TICKETS
20  ON SALE! Shoreham by Sea Ropetackle ORDER TICKETS
21  ON SALE! Braintree High Barn ORDER TICKETS
22  ON SALE! London Bloomsbury Theatre ORDER TICKETS
23  ON SALE! Farnham Farnham Maltings ORDER TICKETS

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