DeanMail - January, 2014 - Uh, Dean... Episode #6: 'I'm a Lucky Guy'

Hi Folks,

                 I hope you're all enjoying the new year, so far.

                All's well here in Peekskill. This is that time of year, when I have to start putting together my summer/fall tour-dates, which means I can't sleep as late as I'd like, due to the five hour time-difference between New York and London. In other words, I need to be up and at 'em before noon to get anything done, before everyone leaves the office on the other side of the pond. (sigh) Yeah, I know!

                 Other than that, I can't complain. I mean, I could, but you know... Which brings me to another episode of "Uh, Dean, Just How Exactly Do You Play That Song?" Episode #6: 'I'm a Lucky Guy'.

                   This is one from the summer that I forgot to post. ;-) I do plan on doing more, once I can find that little gizmo that attaches to the top of the tripod, meanwhile, if anyone has a request for what tune to do next, just email me:

"Uh, Dean, Just How Exactly Do You Play That Song?"

Episode #6: 'I'm a Lucky Guy'




                    Meanwhile, I'm pleased to report that my super cool and talented daughter, Hannah, is back, once again, making some more of her own neat videos, so anyone that's curious about what she's been up to, just click on one of the links below:

Hannah's 'Resolutions'


Here are some more of Hannah's cool videos.

She's done a bunch in the last few weeks! Those are just a few, but you should check

'em all out by subscribing to her YouTube channel:


                     So, meanwhile, I've been working on this top-secret website project and figured I'd ask if anyone reading this has mad php programming skills and is versed in the laravel framework, Codeigniter and/or Drupal. If you do, and are curious to learn more, give me a shout. And, Russ, I know you could do this with your eyes closed, but I'm hoping to find someone closer to my time-zone, preferably right down the block, which I know is unlikely, but, hey, you never know unless you ask! ;-)

                      And finally, as I mentioned at the top, I'm in the early stages of booking my 2014 tour and so I wanted to make the point that I still have a number of open dates on the calendar which will be filling up over the next few weeks. I say this because every time I announce a tour, I get emails from folks all over, inviting me to do a gig in their local venue or backyard or living room, but by the time the tour is announced, most of my available dates are already booked up and I can't squeeze 'em in. So...

                      If you are a venue booker or promoter or an individual or business with some extra cash lying around that would like to sponsor a gig or gigs in your area (or the whole tour), in return for some cool sponsorship perks (inclusion in promo/ads/posters/flyers/website/tickets, etc..), just give me a holler in the next week and let's see if we can work something out. As you know from past tours, sponsors help cover crucial tour costs like posters, flyers, car rentals, hotels, private jets, Jacuzzi's, security detail, semi-tractor trailers to haul my massive lighting rig, sound system and bubble machine, political bribes, payola payoffs, and all sorts of expensive and questionable tour necessities.

                      Well, folks, that about covers everything I meant to say in this brief but poignant missive. O.K. it's not actually poignant at all, or brief, for that matter, but it is a missive which is just another word for letter, note, message, memo, dispatch...

                       In any case, have a great 2014, eat your vegetables, scratch your dog behind the ears, and to my loyal listeners in the newly 4:20 friendly state of Colorado: for goodness sakes, don't use illicit drugs while driving or operating heavy machinery!

Doint, Doint!



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