DeanMail - December, 2013 - Winter's On It's Way - Words & Music, Synths & Snails

Hi Folks,

We've only had a light dusting so far, but winter's definitely on its way. Soon it'll be time for shoveling snow, deicing windshields, putting on the snow tires, waxing the skids on our one-horse open sleigh...

Which also means it's time to order those CD's, T-Shirts, Posters, Books and stuff as holiday gifts for your spouse, main-squeeze, bff, friend, casual acquaintance, co-workers, neighbor (not those neighbors - the other neighbors), mom, dad, aunts, uncles, kids, grand-kids and pets.

There are a few really cool new items featured in the ORDER section of the website, which I hope you'll check out:


 Dean Friedman 'Word & Music'  [2-Disc Compilation CD / 30 tracks in all]

Next time one of your friends or co-workers looks at you with a puzzled expression and asks, "Dean who?", just hand them this double-CD and let them enjoy discovering the answer for themselves. All the tracks were hand-picked by me: thirty tracks (two discs) of what I consider to be some of my best songs/recordings, chosen from my last six studio albums, including popular tracks like McDonald's Girl and Rocking Chair, and chock-filled with fan favorites like Saturday Fathers, Hey Larry, Under the Weather, I'm a Lucky Guy, Shopping Bag Ladies, It's a Wonderful Life, Death to the Neighbors, New Lang Syne, It's My Job and much more.

NOTE: This collection does NOT contain Lucky Stars, Lydia or Ariel. I couldn't be more proud of the hits, but in truth they've already gotten way more than their share of airplay - and I'm passionate about the idea that the songs on this compilation album deserve to be heard.

Includes 24-page booklet with lyrics.

ORDER DEAN FRIEDMAN's - 'WORDS & MUSIC' TODAY Order two and share with a friend!

TRACK LISTING: Volume 1: Hob-Nobbiní, Where Have All The Angels Flown?, Death to the Neighbors, The Dolphins Were Dancing, McDonaldís Girl, Saturday Fathers, I Miss Monica, Itís My Job, Donít Mourn, Donít Cry, Picture Postcard Life, No School Today, Hale Bop Ė She Bop, Itís a Wonderful Life, Rocking Chair (Itís Gonna Be All Right), New Lang Syne; Volume 2: Shopping Bag Ladies, Iím a Lucky Guy, Youíre a Criminal Darling (You Stole My Heart), Jenniferís Baby, God of Abraham, Doint, Doint, Itís Just a Little Joint, How Does This Story End?, A Bakerís Tale, Under the Weather, Hey Larry, You and Me, Babe, Let the Boys Come Home, Sandy, The Wind Blows, George Washington Slept Here. 

Well, Well,' Said the Rocking Chair'


It took a while, but the copyrights to my critically acclaimed, best-selling 2nd  album, "Well, Well", Said the Rocking Chair', have finally reverted back to me, after 35 years. It contains hits like Lucky Stars, Lydia, Rocking Chair, plus favorites like S&M, Shopping Bag Ladies, The Deli Song, I've Had Enough, Don't You Ever Dare, Let Down Your Hair. I digitally remastered the album, myself, from the original safety-masters. Sounds even better to me than the original! ;-) For years, folks have been asking me where to get copies of this hard-to-find CD. Well, look no further. Here it is!


ORDER DEAN FRIEDMAN's - "Well, Well," Said the Rocking Chair' TODAY Order two and give one to a sibling!

New York School of Synthesis T-Shirt [L, XL]  (original artwork by Dean)

In 1986 I authored the very first 'consumer guide' for music synthesizers along with a book and a series of videos titled, 'Synthesizer Basics'. The books were used at colleges/universities around the world and the instructional videos are still viewed by tens of thousands of synth lovers on YouTube. After receiving oodles of emails asking about the cool T-shirt I wore in the videos, I finally tracked down my original hand drawn artwork and made these cool T-shirts available again.



ORDER DEAN's 'New York School of Synthesis' T-Shirt TODAY Order two and give one to your favorite keyboard player!

"Smelly Feet"  T-Shirt   [Kid sizes: XS (2-4yrs); S (6-8yrs), M (10-12yrs)] (original artwork by Dean)

A perfectly silly gift for your very silly kids. Bright yellow T-shirt featuring original hand-drawn artwork, by me, of very 'smelly feet', illustrating my children's musical, 'Smelly Feet' - a children's musical that really stinks! Guaranteed to make your kids easy to spot from a distance!.

Color: Yellow. [Kid sizes: XS (2-4yrs); S (6-8yrs), M (10-12yrs)]


ORDER a 'Smelly Feet' T-Shirt TODAY Order three and clothe your triplets!

'Slimey' the Snail - sluggish star of Dean's kids musical "Smelly Feet"

Your kids will have lots of fun playing with this colorful and durable, life-sized, and realistic, molded-plastic snail. 'Slimey' the Snail is a featured cast-member of my kids musical, 'Smelly Feet', and the subject of my song, 'Ode to a Snail' (I Like You): "...when we play tag, you're easy to pursue...". 'Slimey' is realistically modeled after a white-lipped snail (Cepaea hortensis), a medium-sized, air-breathing land snail, also known as a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusc. Size: 4 1/2" from head to tail.

This product is phthalate free and has passed all US and European safe-product protocols: ASTM F963-03 and EN-71. KID SAFE!

ORDER 'Slimey' the Snail TODAY Order six, place them strategically in the house and freak out the family!

And, of course, you can still order lots of other Dean Friedman CD's, T-Shirts, Posters, Plectrums and, yes, Light-Caps! in the ORDER section of DON'T DAWDLE! Order today and get 'em in time for the holidays!

Meanwhile, there've been dozens of terrific entries to Dean's YouTube Video Contest. Great work everybody! Winners will be announced Dec. 8th, so stay tuned.

Stay warm and toasty!



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