DeanMail - November 2013 - Dean's YouTube Video Contest deadline less than 2-weeks away

Gee, Folks,

Hard to believe it's almost turkey, corn-bread stuffing and sweet-potato time, but I'll refrain from yammering on about all that gobbledygook and stuff.

Instead I wanted to remind everybody that there are less than two week before the submission deadline to the Dean Friedman YouTube Video Contest.

There have been a handful of fascinating entries so far (see link below), but there's still time for folks reading this to get out your video cameras and do your own cover version, lip-synch or spoof of your favorite Dean Friedman song. Just post 'em to YouTube and email the video-link to:

Don't be shy! You too can be a YouTube video star! ;-) Check out some of the remarkable and hilarious entries, to date!:


Don't forget, there's STILL TIME!

Can't sing? No problem! Un-photogenic? Easy!: masks and clever disguises are allowed. Can't carry a tune? Who cares? That hasn't prevented anyone from entering so far. The field is small, so your chances of winning are great! Pick a tune, turn on that camera and sing!

One last time, here are the rules and instructions for entering:




  • Step 1. Create a video of your favorite Dean Friedman song.
  • Step 2. Post your video on YouTube.
  • Step 3. Email a link to your video to:
  • All entries must be submitted by November 30th, 2013.
  • Winning entries will be announced December 8th, 2013.
  • Winners will be selected by a judging committee handpicked and led by Dean Friedman.
  • Winning categories, and corresponding prizes, will include:
  • Best Video - 500
  • Best Cover Version - 125
  • Best Lip Sync - 125 Funniest Video - 125
  • Best Animated Video - 125
  • Judging criteria will be based on originality, creativity, performance, interpretation and hilarity.
  • YouTube is not a sponsor of this contest and is released from all liability.
  • Dean Friedman Productions will not share or sell any personal data collected in the running of this contest. This contest conforms to YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
  • The Contest is open to all naturalized citizens of planet Earth.

Send in those videos!

Have fun,



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