DeanMail - July 10th, 2013 - Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla!


Hey Everybody,

I just wanted to acknowledge the birthday of the amazing inventor, Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American born on this day back in 1856, who, though woefully unacknowledged, pretty much invented, well... practically everything that our modern technological society is based on - you know, cool stuff like alternating current and alternating motors, remote controls, electric light and neon bulbs, radio, x-rays, hydro-power, radio-astronomy, wireless communications, etc... Like I said, pretty much every damn electricity and radio-based technology of the 19th & 20th century, even though loads of other folks continue to get all the credit.

You're encouraged to check out this brief cartoon history, by Matthew Inman, to learn more. It's excellent - funny and educational. Seriously, click on the link below...

Nicola Tesla - A Brief Amazing History


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