DeanMail - February 2013 - Happy Groundhog's Day - Bye Ed - L.A. Gig

Hey Folks,

This'll be a short missive, but I couldn't let the day go by without wishing you all a lazy, do-nothing, sleep-'til-noon, spend-the-day-in-your-pajamas Groundhog's Day.

Depicted (right) is a humble groundhog, spotted in our backyard, singing his, perennial, 'Groundhog Blues', bemoaning the indignity of being dragged from a blissful slumber out of his den into the glaring spotlight to forecast the weather.

Roughly translated, he's singing, 'I'm just trying to get some shut-eye, here in my burrow, where the grass is overgrown. Then suddenly I'm above ground, blinded by all the lights. Why don't they leave me the %*#& alone. I've got the Groundhog Blues...' Or something along those lines.


I'm heading west in a few days, so if you haven't already got your tickets to my upcoming L.A. gig, now's a good time to order 'em, so's you don't get shut out: Saturday, February 9thNorth Hollywood, California - Kulak's Woodshed.  order tickets here:

Finally, I'd like to conclude by acknowledging the passing of the one-of-a-kind, there'll-never-be-another-like-him, New York's mayor for all time - the great, Ed Koch. 

In tribute, here's a wonderful clay-animation entitled, 'Sundae in New York', created by animators Jimmy Picker and Robert Grossman (who sculpted the cover to my "Well, Well," Said the Rocking Chair' album), which features a clay-animated Mayor Ed Koch singing a version of the song, "New York, New York".

This animation won an Academy Award in 1983 for Best Animated Short Film.

More than any of the written tributes, it succinctly captures the unique spirit and personality of New York's funny, outspoken, irascible and always passionate three-term mayor. Enjoy!





That's all for now! Get some rest. Eat your vegetables.

See ya!



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