DeanMail - mid-December, 2012 - Gig Alert + ''A Musician's Guide to Surviving the Great Recession' - eBook now available!

Hey Folks,

First of all, if you live anywhere within driving distance of the Turning Point in Piermont, NY (just south of the Tappanzee Bridge, west shore), I urge you to hop in the car and join us tomorrow evening (Wed. 19th, 8pm), for Christine Lavin's and Uncle Bonsai's 'Just One Angel' anti-Holiday concert.

I'll be performing as special guest. We all played on Sunday night and everyone had a terrific time - it's a really fun show! Christine is an amazing songwriter and incredible performer and bona-fide folk treasure, Uncle Bonsai are a delight and their set will make you grin from ear to ear and this evening of funny and touching holiday songs is guaranteed to lift you out of any holiday doldrums and make you feel peachy keen and full of holiday cheer or Heineken, depending on who's driving. Order your tickets this very minute...

Wednesday, December 19 - Piermont, NY The Turning Point - 8:00 PM


'A Musician's Guide to Surviving the Great Recession' now out as an eBook for Kindle, Nook etc...

I am pleased to report that the outrageously entertaining new book, 'A Musician's Guide to Surviving the Great Recession', is now available as an eBook for Kindles, Nooks and assorted eReaders of every ilk. You can order your own copy of this landmark in publishing via or as an eBook (Kindle) or in the original paperback.

CAUTION!: This book contains radically subversive material which may change your entire life!!! (It did mine!) Some may find it unsettling as it may challenge commonly held beliefs and preconceived notions about lazy, good-for-nothing musicians and society at large. It may not be appropriate for young readers or for anyone who doesn't agree that Donald Trump is a huge, insufferable a**hole.

You can also order the paperback or eBook versions of this book via, and for a limited time only, the eBook version is available at a mind-bending discounted price of almost half-price - less than the price of a double, half-caf, cinnamon, soy latte' to go. Either way, order the new eBook version at Amazon or save money and shop here:

'A Musician's Guide to Surviving the Great Recession'.




Live better on less and have more fun doing it!

This book offers hardcore, real-world, practical advice on how anyone can survive in a precarious economy. Learn useful tips and creative strategies, from a hardworking musician who, like most professional musicians, knows, from hard-won experience, how to not only keep the annoying wolf from the door, but how to give him a painful wedgie, so he’ll finally give up and leave you the %#&* alone.    

Two reasons you should take seriously what this book has to say:

1. Musicians are experts at living on next-to-nothing. Musicians, notoriously unemployed and underpaid, have always had to get by on less, so we’re well versed in the tricks and strategies of bare-bones, economic survival. But, of course, sheer survival is not nearly enough. 

2. Musicians know how to live fun, fulfilling and productive lives without following all the mind-numbing, conventional ‘9 to 5’ rules of mainstream society! Musicians don’t like to admit it out loud, but the truth is... we sleep late, we have more (and better) sex and we have way more fun at our jobs than most folks. Lawyers practice, accountants calculate, plumbers   plumb, but musicians... well, when we go to work... we play!

You can hold your breath and wait for the global economy to improve… or you can read this book!  

As you'll recall from my previous email, the author of this provocative and illuminating book has, for various reasons, chosen to remain anonymous, and uses the pen-name, A. Musician. Why? He could simply shun the spotlight. Or he could be in the government's witness protection program. No one really knows.  

Now Folks, it has come to my attention that some of you reading this are under the peculiar impression that this fellow, A. Musician, and I are, in fact, one and the same! This is understandable given the fact that he and I share many things in common - we both live in the Hudson Valley, we both play guitar, we've both just-barely survived the vagaries of the main-stream music business and, by some incredible coincidence, both of our dogs were issued their own credit cards.

Despite these surprising similarities, I can say in all candor that I know A. Musician extremely well - as well as I know myself - and reading this original new work by A. Musician has been an honest-to-goodness revelation. Indeed, this is one of the best books I've ever written, I mean, er... read! That's right, this is one of the finest pieces of writing that has ever come across my extremely messy desk and I'd be remiss in not sharing it with all of you. I would go so far as to say, each and every one of you should order your very own copy - today!  ORDER HERE

So, there you have it.

Order your copy here: [paperback] [eBook / Kindle]

Oh, one other thing: A. Musician has made a personal request that he's asked me to relay to all of you good folks who've already ordered this outrageously inflammatory tome: please post a review onto, Facebook, Twitter, etc... Help spread the word! Let other folks know how you feel about it. Love it or hate it, he'd appreciate your feedback. In fact, even if you consider this book to be a useless, seditious, potentially hazardous, waste of paper (or electrons), do post your earnest feedback. A. and I are both eager to hear what you have to say.

So, there!

Everybody be well. Don't eat too much, don't drink and drive, don't smoke and drive, definitely don't read and drive.

Have happy, healthy and peaceful holidays and a brand spanking new year. (oo, oo, aha! ;-)




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