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Hi Folks,

Check out this really cool video my brother, Aram, just posted on

It's a time-lapse video, he took on June 5th from atop a dormant volcano in Hawaii, of the Transit of Venus - that's when the planet Venus passes between the sun and our own li'l blue planet. A rare occurrence. The next one won't occur until December 2117!

Try to watch it full screen / HD.

That little black spot moving across the sun is not a bug on the camera lens - that's Venus!

click here: "Thank You, Jeremiah Horrocks" - The 2012 Transit of Venus

video by Aram Friedman. copyright (c) 2012 Ansible Technologies.

FYI: Jeremiah Horrocks was a 17th century astronomer, son of a watchmaker, Cambridge educated, who grew up just outside Liverpool and was the first person to demonstrate that the Moon revolved around the Earth. He was also the only person to correctly predict the Transit of Venus in 1639. He died suddenly, of unexplained causes, at the age of 22. Despite his untimely passing, he had a profound and lasting impact on the field of astronomy.

Enjoy the video! And remember, if you plan on watching the next Transit of Venus, better eat all your vegetables and get a lotta exercise, or at least hope you inherited some of those longevity genes, 'cause it won't happen again for another 105 years!

Happy day-before-the-official-start-of Summer!



PS: In 1965, my younger brother, Aram, age eight, invented a 'Nothing Machine' out of spare parts from an electric Mix-Master (blender), crayons and an empty cardboard refrigerator box. It spun around with dizzying special effects and true to its name - did absolutely nothing! ;-)

PPS: Surprisingly, there are still tickets left to my upcoming UK/Ireland tour! ;-)

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