DeanMail - Kites, Yo-Yo's, Little Green Ladies, Dinosaurs, Flirts & Wuzzles (in the Summertime)

Hi Folks,

Yikes! I just booked my flights to kick off my UK/Ireland tour in July.

It might seem a long while from now, but I've got about a zillion things to do between now and then, and considering what a diligent procrastinator I am, eight weeks is hardly any time at all.

One thing I've been meaning to do, for a while now, and kept putting off for no particular reason, is to post a 'download' version of one of my favorite compilations, 'Deano's Demos', on my website. 

For those of you that haven't already heard it, it's a wild compilation CD containing 22 tracks of my very early demos, rare recordings and never-before-released Dean Friedman songs and tracks, including the very first song I ever wrote and recorded at the age of 9, 'Summertime'.

It also includes some of my favorite tracks that never made it onto my studio albums including, 'Little Green Lady' and 'The Kite Song', and two terrific tracks from my soundtrack to the cult classic horror film, 'I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle', entitled, 'She Runs on Blood, Not Gasoline' and 'Scratch & Bite'.

And that's not all!

Included on 'Deano's Demos' is a track from the TV series, 'Boon', entitled, 'Talking on the Phone to Jesus', plus a toy commercial I wrote and recorded on spec entitled, 'What's a Wuzzle?', an hilarious recording of my song, 'Dinosaur Rock' featuring vocals by Dennis Elber, not to mention the ever infectious, 'VD Blues'!

It's a treasure-trove of lost, never or hardly-ever-heard Dean-tunes which are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face or tear to your eye (or ache to your belly! ;-).

If you're curious, you can preview a few tracks right now in the album download section of

Or... there is another way!:

Anyone that orders tickets to my upcoming tour between now and June 1st, will receive a download link (within 48 hours of ordering) to 'Deano's Demos', absolutely FREE! Hard to believe but true! ;-)

My goal in making this unprecedented ;-) offer is my determination to sell at least 200 tickets between now and June 1st, which will enable me to purchase a shiny new pair of New Balance 993 sneakers (UK translation = trainers) which I can traipse all over Europe in, in the coming months.

You can help make this happen!

Don't let one of your favorite singer-songwriters go on tour sneaker-less!

ORDER your TICKETS TODAY and get a free download of 'Deano's Demos', and hear for yourself how incredibly high I could sing at age nine. (Actually, I think I might be eleven or twelve in this picture; cool shirt, huh?!)

Anyway, there you have it - a remarkable collection of rare Deano tunes, sure to delight, tickets to one of my 40+ upcoming gigs and - yay! - sneakers for me!

Not only that... you'll finally find the answer to one of mankind's long-pondered questions - a question that has befuddled scientists, philosophers, rabbis, priests, noodnicks and scholars throughout the ages...

...What's a Wuzzle?!!

Order the 'Deano's Demos' download or tour tickets with a free download and find out for yourself! ;-)

Thanks for listening guys & gals!

Have a good one!




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