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Hey Everybody, 

I hope you all had a good week! Mine was uneventful - family fine, the house is still standing, my hardrives haven't crashed, my car still goes (although I have to top-up the power-steering fluid every now and then or it makes this high-pitched whiny sound.) A tiny (but rapidly growing) black hole has not suddenly appeared in the basement of an amateur physicist experimenting with cold fusion somewhere in Ho Ho Kus, New Jersey (a real place). 

In short, life is good.

Now, as an occasionally hardworking musician, I've always tried my best to resist the pull of the typical 5-day, Monday thru Friday work week. After all, when I'm in touring mode (starting pretty soon), my busiest work days are weekends. Monday's are usually my only day off, when I finally get to catch my breath from a week's worth of driving, interviews, load-ins, sound-checks and gigs (the fun part).

However, when I'm not on the road, which is most of the year, social gravity compels me to abide by a more conventional mon.-fri. routine. In other words, I get official permission to 'chill' come the weekend. Plus, I get to pick up the Sunday News and read my funny papers!

And, like a lot of other people, I usually dread Mondays 'cause there's all this responsible stuff I'm supposed to be doing, which I've spent all weekend blissfully ignoring.

My point?

I don't have one! ;-) This is really just my long-winded, round-about way of saying...

Have a great weekend, everybody!



[photo circa 1977 Bronx, NY]





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