Happy Earth Day

And best wishes to all your inhabitants!




Hey Folks

I just wanted to wish a very Happy Earth Day to the loveliest planet in our solar system - and to everybody and everything that calls this place home!

Keep on spinning!!!


CLICK HERE to Watch 'A Terrible Pickle' (Dean's ode to Global Warming)




CLICK HERE to visit Bob Grossman's cool website

The picture above is a really cool Earth Day illustration of our beautiful Home World, created by amazing illustrator/animator, Robert Grossman. (note: Bob created the terrific clay sculpture cover for my "Well, Well,' Said the Rocking Chair" album. Check out some of Bob's other amazing work on his website www.robertgrossman.com, including his O-manland comic-strip about our multitasking president! ;-)


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PPS: My email server crashed for a few hours last weekend, so if anyone sent me an email which bounced back to your inbox, I never got it. Please resend. Thanks. Have a great weekend, everybody!  Deano

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