Driving to New Jersey

(you know, way on the other side of the Hudson, deep in the bosom of suburbia...)


Hey Folks

I'm from Joisey. Are you from Joisey?

I live in New York now, but the petro-chemical stew wafting up from Secaucus and all along the New Jersey Turnpike seeps into your bloodstream from an early age, so like sturgeon swimming up the Hudson, returning to their spawning grounds, I find myself returning to the place that shaped my warped world-view and left its bio-chemical and cultural imprint on me.

Which is just a convoluted way of saying I've got a gig next Saturday night, April 23rd, 8:00pm at the Record Collector in Bordentown, NJ and if you're in the neighborhood, you're invited! There's limited seating so you're encouraged to order tickets now and arrive early for the show. ORDER TICKETS NOW

Curiously, although I've been to both New York and the original York (UK), I've never been to the original Jersey (part of the Channel Islands) even though I was born and bred in New Jersey.  Which raises the question, when we finally colonize the Moon, will there be a New New Jersey and a New New York? Just wondering.

Oh, yeah, then in May, Sunday May 22nd, 4:00pm (early show) to be exact, I'll be returning to the Turning Point in Piermont, NY which, while not in Jersey, is still 'way on the other side of the Hudson' (you have to look at a map). ORDER TICKETS

Anyway, before I continue, I wanted to say sorry to all you very nice Welsh people on my email list for not including a Wales gig on my upcoming tour itinerary. I tried, but just couldn't swing it routing/logistics-wise, this time around. It's nothing personal, really! I always love gigging in Wales. You have one of the world's coolest flags! You're all great singers! But when I tried typing the name of a railway station near a possible venue - Llanfairpwllgwyngyll-gogerychwyrndrobwll-llantysilio-gogogoch - it crashed my GoogleMaps app! (not really) Anyway, I'll try my best to swing it on my next visit.

I have added another UK gig, though, in Southsea (Portsmouth) where I'll be returning Oct. 19th to the Cellars, a really cool music venue. See info below. Sadly, their flag is nowhere near as cool as the fiery red dragon pictured above.

Meanwhile... I'm close to finalizing my 2011 Tour Posters, so anyone else who might be interested in being a tour sponsor, it's not too late - give me a shout! CLICK FOR: TourSponsorshipInfo.

One other tour-related item: I'm looking for a team of online-savvy insomniacs, with itchy fingers and sturdy alpha-numeric keyboards to help me promote the upcoming tour-dates through social websites and even anti-social website all over this wacky creation known as the internet.

So, if you are one of those online-savvy insomniacs with itchy fingers or daffy maniacs with pitchy singers or taffy lilacs with Deborah Wingers... click here to drop me a line about becoming part of the VirtualStreetTeam.

Everybody else, you're invited to try clicking one of the links below, to help spread the word (try it, it's easy!)...

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Oh, by the way, would someone please solve the mystery of where this monkey lamp came from?

Oh, and also... to all my pals on Facebook, and all my pals not on Facebook, I just launched a Dean Friedman Music page (separate to my regular Dean Friedman FB profile page) which you're all invited to check out. It's still a work in progress, but it's getting there. Just go to:  http://www.facebook.com/DeanFriedmanMusic , click LIKE (unless you're feeling ambivalent ;-) and leave a message on the wall. Well, I guess that's about it, for now.

Everybody have a great weekend! Get outside, climb a ladder, hammer a nail, dig a hole, plant a bulb, change a bulb, throw a Frisbee, walk the dog, kick the cat, no, no! Don't kick the cat! I was only kidding! That would be wrong! Even though the effin' cat keeps waking me up at 4:30 in the morning to be fed. Seriously, don't kick the cat!

You might gently toss the cat.

Take care, everybody.



PS: AS YOU WELL KNOW, IT REALLY HELPS WHEN YOU PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS EARLY! (and I'm not just saying that! ;-) Well, actually I did just say that. 

PPS:  So far, the McDonald's Girl TV and Radio commercial have been seen or heard in Florida, Kentucky, Michigan and Illinois! Email me if you've had a McDonald's Girl TV sighting or Radio hearing in your neck o' the woods.


US GIGS 2011

23  ON SALE! Bordentown, NJ The Record Collector - 8:00pm ORDER TICKETS
22  ON SALE! Piermont, NY The Turning Point - 4:00pm (early show) ORDER TICKETS
12  ON SALE! Webster, NY (nr. Rochester) Harmony House - 8:00pm ORDER TICKETS



11 - 17 ON SALE! Skyros, GREECE Holistic Holiday (AT9) 'Musician-in-Residence' BOOKING INFO
29 - 31 ON SALE! Carcassonne, FRANCE French House Party 'Songwriting Seminar' BOOKING INFO
3    ON SALE! Bonnes, FRANCE 'Pop sur Bonnes' ORDER TICKETS
6    ON SALE! Glasgow Renfrew Ferry ORDER TICKETS
7    ON SALE! Kinross The Green Hotel ORDER TICKETS
10  ON SALE! Edinburgh The Music Box (Stevenson College) ORDER TICKETS
11  ON SALE! Edinburgh The Music Box (Stevenson College) ORDER TICKETS
12  ON SALE! Edinburgh The Music Box (Stevenson College) ORDER TICKETS
13  ON SALE! Edinburgh The Music Box (Stevenson College) ORDER TICKETS
14  ON SALE! Edinburgh The Music Box (Stevenson College) ORDER TICKETS
17  ON SALE! Edinburgh Malmaison Hotel / Mal4 Suite (Leith Docks) ORDER TICKETS
18  ON SALE! Edinburgh Malmaison Hotel / Mal4 Suite (Leith Docks) ORDER TICKETS
19  ON SALE! Edinburgh Malmaison Hotel / Mal4 Suite (Leith Docks) ORDER TICKETS
20  ON SALE! Edinburgh Malmaison Hotel / Mal4 Suite (Leith Docks) ORDER TICKETS
21  ON SALE! Edinburgh Malmaison Hotel / Mal4 Suite (Leith Docks) ORDER TICKETS
28   ON SALE! Waterford Forum ORDER TICKETS
29    ON SALE! Cork Rochestown Park Hotel ORDER TICKETS
1    ON SALE! Lisbourn (nr. Belfast) Island Arts Centre ORDER TICKETS
2    ON SALE! Douglas,  I.O.M. Villa Marina Arcade ORDER TICKETS
4    ON SALE! Henley-on-Thames Crooked Billet ORDER TICKETS
5    ON SALE! Henley-on-Thames Crooked Billet ORDER TICKETS
6    ON SALE! Leicester Musician ORDER TICKETS
7    ON SALE! Blackpool The Wainwright ORDER TICKETS
8    ON SALE! Darlington Darlington Arts Centre ORDER TICKETS
9    ON SALE! Leeds City Varieties ORDER TICKETS
11  ON SALE! Nottingham Guitar Bar ORDER TICKETS
12  ON SALE! Bromsgrove Artrix ORDER TICKETS
13   ON SALE! Bury (nr. Manchester) The Met ORDER TICKETS
14  ON SALE! Liverpool The Cavern ORDER TICKETS
15  ON SALE! Liverpool The Cavern ORDER TICKETS
16  ON SALE! Birmingham Kitchen Garden Cafe ORDER TICKETS
18  ON SALE! Bath Chapel Arts ORDER TICKETS
19  ON SALE! Southsea (Portsmouth) The Cellars                JUST ADDED! ORDER TICKETS
20  ON SALE! Shoreham by Sea Ropetackle ORDER TICKETS
21  ON SALE! Braintree High Barn ORDER TICKETS
22  ON SALE! London Bloomsbury Theatre ORDER TICKETS
23  ON SALE! Farnham Farnham Maltings ORDER TICKETS

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