Happy Groundhogs Day

Hi Folks!


This is just a short note to wish you all a lazy and unhurried Groundhogs Day. As we gather 'round the table enjoying heaping platters of roast groundhog and gravy served with generous portions of raw vegetables, avocado soup, grilled asparagus, spinach pie and tater tots, we should take a few moments to contemplate the bountiful blessings we enjoy, living as we do in a time and place where all the troubles of the world can be put aside for a brief time while we dress up as large fuzzy rodents. 

During this time, we should also be mindful of the fact that there are still places in the world where it is still frowned upon - even illegal - to celebrate Groundhogs day!

While you're gnawing on the customary raw vegetables (symbolizing the raw deal our investment banking system has bestowed on us), give thanks that you still enjoy the precious freedom to do so, no matter how wacky it sounds - besides the roughage is good for you.

So, this Groundhogs Day, reaffirm your groundhog given rights. Do something stupid and meaningless, without fear of recrimination! Scribble a doodle, hum a ditty... in fact, to demonstrate true commitment to the spirit of Groundhogs Day - boldly do nothing!

Also, you're encouraged to book your tickets early for the upcoming NJ gigs...



19 Nutley, NJ The Hillside Cafe - 8:00pm ORDER TICKETS
23 Bordentown, NJ The Record Collector - 8:00pm ORDER TICKETS

And stay tuned for UK/Ireland tour dates by the end of the month.

Be well, drive safe and Happy Groundhogs Day!






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