DeanMail: December 20, 2010 - Dean's Underwater Mortgage Submarine Sail!

Download my new album, 'Submarine Races', for FREE!

What are you crazy? Yes, I am! Keep reading to discover why...

Hi Folks,

In these dubious days of double dips.

I'm compelled to make these awkward quips...

To those with mortgages underwater,

If you haven't already ordered my album, you ought'r.

And so, to relieve your financial stress

And alleviate undue duress

I'm taking a chance and rolling the dice

Inviting you all to name your own price

To download my brand new album for free

All thirteen tracks, in its entirety (tee-hee ;-)

Or to pay whatever you think its worth

Or an amount equal to your age or girth

Or height or weight or the size of your shoe

Or your street address - or impressive I.Q.

Because frankly this album is just too good

To be ignored. And I'm sure you would

Agree that this is the type of scheme

That you have come to expect from Dean.

So, anyway what I mean to say

Is I hope you enjoy your holidays.

And have a tune or two or three,

Or four or five or six, on me.

But, of course, if your circumstance allows

And you have no mortgage on your house

I would consider it awfully nice

If you paid the current market price.

So, what I really mean to say.

Is you decide what you wanna pay.

'Cause like I said in the previous stanzas...

Each according to his or her circumstances. ;-)

CLICK HERE to download 'Submarine Races' for FREE, or whatever you care to pay!


Enjoy the music!

Enjoy your holidays!

All the best,



PS:   This ridiculous offer good until 2011.

PPS:  To those presently challenged by all that fluffy, cold, white stuff covering Europe and the Midwest... hang in there, the snow will eventually melt! ;-) DF

 copyright (c) 2010 Dean Friedman Productions


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